Dr Sadeghi is the first graduate of the Dual-Degree PhD Program between the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and Sharif University of Technology. He obtained both his degrees in Civil Engineering with excellent academic and research performance in 2016, as reflected by his graduation cumulative grade average (GGA) of A+ for the 34 credits passed during his PhD. The research topic he tackled was “A Micro-Structural Study on Hydro-Mechanical Behavior of Loess” in which he revealed and highlighted the role of soil microstructure in governing different aspects of material behavior, especially at low values of relative humidity. His research has been mainly within two broad areas of unsaturated soil mechanics and geotechnical earthquake engineering. As of his graduation date, the number of his publications in SCI journals and reputable international conferences approaches 20. Additionally, he has been awarded membership into Iran’s National Elites Foundation (INFE) for excellence in education and research. He is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Sharif University of Technology.

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