Profs. Ng and Choi arrived in London to receive the 2017 Telford Premium Award. Their paper “Coarse granular flow interaction with slit structures” (Choi, C. E., Goodwin, G. R., Ng, C. W. W., Cheung, D. K. H., Kwan, J. S. H. & Pun, W. K. Géotechnique Letters 6 (4) 267-274) was voted the Best Paper out of all published in Géotechnique Letters in 2016.

Presented by the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Telford Premium Award recognizes authors from both the industry and academia who have produced work of exceptional quality that benefits civil engineering, construction and materials science. Géotechnique Letters, published by ICE, is one of the top 5 most recognized geotechnical journals worldwide. Profs. Ng and Choi’s award is the first time that an entirely Hong Kong team has won.

The award came a few days after being presented with an honourable mention for the RM Quigley Award.