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Dr Mukhtiar Ali SOOMRO

Dr Soomro graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering from the Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering Science and Technology in Pakistan with top marks. He later came to HKUST for his doctoral studies and studied the effects of advancing twin tunnels  on a pile group.

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Dr. Kwong Soon WONG

Dr Wong obtained his doctoral degree at HKUST in 2012. His thesis was on centrifuge modeling of failure modes of tunnels, in both sand and soft clay. He is now Senior Lecturer at the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering at Curtin University in Malaysia.

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Dr Shaokun MA

Dr Ma obtained his PhD from Tongji Univeristy in 2008, and then came to HKUST as a post-doctoral fellow under Prof. Ng.

After his post-doc, he became a professor of geotechnical engineering at Guangxi University. There, he is also head of the department of Geotechnical and Underground Engineering and secretary general of the Guangxi society for rock mechanics and engineering. He may currently be found at the University of Newcastle in Australia where he is a visiting professor.

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