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Dr Ankit GARG

Dr Ankit Garg finished his PhD under Prof. Ng in 2015. His thesis pioneered research into the effects of different types of vegetation on soil suction.

After graduating, Dr Garg was Assistant Professor at IIT Guwahati, India, and has gone on to become Associate Professor at Shantou University in China. His current research interests involve application of sustainable materials in green infrastructure.

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Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships (Oct. 2017)

Prof. Ng and some of his research group members and peers at the inauguration ceremony

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Dr Shaokun MA

Dr Ma obtained his PhD from Tongji Univeristy in 2008, and then came to HKUST as a post-doctoral fellow under Prof. Ng.

After his post-doc, he became a professor of geotechnical engineering at Guangxi University. There, he is also head of the department of Geotechnical and Underground Engineering and secretary general of the Guangxi society for rock mechanics and engineering. He may currently be found at the University of Newcastle in Australia where he is a visiting professor.

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Dr. Kaewsong obtained her Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Charles Ng in 2017, investigating small-strain stiffness of unsaturated collapsible loess.

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Group photo (23rd Dec. 2017)

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Dr Abraham Chiu

Profs. Chiu (left) and Lei (right): collaborative research

Abraham Chiu’s research includes two areas of geotechnical engineering: (1) the engineering behaviour and constitutive modelling of unsaturated and contaminated soils and (2) the development of laboratory testing equipment.

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Prof. Charles Ng: ISSMGE Vision (French)


Mr. Hossen completed his BSc in Civil Engineering at the Military Institute of Science and Technology, Dhaka-Bangladesh in Dec 2009, and his MPhil in Civil (Geotechnical) Engineering at HKUST in Dec 2015.

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Ir Dr Johnny Cheuk (videos)

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Mr David Jiaqi WEI

Mr. WEI Jiaqi (David) obtained his MPhil degree under the supervision of Prof. Charles W.W. Ng in 2017. His research aimed to investigate effects of multi-propped excavations on adjacent floating piles.

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