Research Assistant Professors

Prof Yifei CUI (Mainland, China)  

Research Topics: Numerical simulation of debris flow-barrier interaction using solid fluid and pore pressure coupling (HKUST)

Experimental study of debris external resistance (HKUST & Sichuan University)

Prof Chao ZHOU (Mainland China)  

Research topic: Thermal effects on unsaturated soil

Climate change group



André ARCHER (South Africa)  

PhD topic: Climate influence on embankments considering extreme drought and rainfall

WANG Yikai (China)  

M.Phil Topic: Effects of climate change on embankments

Chinese medicine group

TANG Wui Lung, Thomas (Hong Kong)  

M. Phil Topic: the effect of biochar on traditional Chinese medicine in heavy metal contaminated soil

  Lisa TOUYON (Liberia)

Ph. D Topic: Effect of different types of biochar on Penilla Ternata growth

SO Pui San, “Happy” Zac (Hong Kong)  

Ph. D Topic: Sustainable soil remediation to enhance the quantity and quality of Chinese medicinal plants

WANG Yuchen (China)  

Ph. D Topic: Soil remediation to enhance the growth of Chinese herbal plants

Dr WONG Tsz Fung, James (Hong Kong)  

Postdoc topic: Experimental study on potential applications of biochar in landfill final cover soil

Dr CHEN Xunwen (Mainland China)  

Postdoc topic: The effects of biofactors on soil properties


Unsaturated soil and vegetation group

WANG Zijian (Mainland China)  

Ph. D Topic: Plant aging effects on root tensile strength, water uptake and vegetated slope stability

Dr NI Junjun (Mainland China)  

Postdoc Topic: Effect of planting spacing on the performance of newly-proposed three-layer landfill cover

Dr CHENG Qing (Mainland China)  

Postdoc Topic: Volumetric behaviour of intact and recompacted loess induced by thermo-hydro-mechanical load

  Ilyas Akram (Pakistan)  

Ph. D Topic: Effects of temperature and suction on mechanical behavior of unsaturated soils


Green slope and landfill group

GUO Haowen (Mainland China)  

Ph. D Topic: Biochar-plant-interaction in a sustainable three-layer landfill cover system

  Nilufar Chowdhury (Bangladesh)  

M. Phil Research Topic: Effects of hydrophobic material and GGBS on vegetated soil

  LU Bangwen (Mainland China)  

Ph.D Topic: Effects of vegetation on three-layer landfill cover system using construction waste


Debris flow group


Luis Hengdou LIU (Mainland China)  

PhD Topic: Large-scale debris flow interaction with baffles

Shamas Shoukat ALI (Pakistan)  

MPhil Topic: Influence of baffles layout on Flow Energy dissipation

  Desmond Ka Ho CHEUNG (Hong Kong)  

PhD Topic: Submarine entrainment

  Haiming LIU (Mainland China)  

PhD Topic: Large-scale debris flow impact on multiple flexible barriers: field tests and numerical simulations

  Chao WANG (Mainland China)  

Ph. D Topic: Numerical simulation of two-phase flows

  Usman MAJEED (Pakistan)  

M.Phil Topic: Debris flows

ZHANG Dingchen (Mainland China)  

PhD Topic: Effects of flexible barrier stiffness and permeability on debris flow impact force

Offshore energy group


XU Bingdi (Mainland China)  

M.Phil Topic: Effects of wave loading on monopile foundations in sand

KATKAR Bharat (India)  

Ph.D Topic: Tension loading on piles – application for offshore wind turbine foundations

  Sina Baghbanrezvan (Iran)  

Ph. D Topic: Seabed instability caused by hydrate dissociation methods

Peng TAN, Patrick (Mainland)  

M. Phil topic: Performance of monopiles

  LAU Sze Yu, Samuel (Hong Kong)
Ph. D Topic: Effects of dissociation on volumetric responses of hydrate-bearing soil
YANG Bin (Mainland China)
Ph. D Topic: Methane hydrates

Energy pile group

MA Qijie (Mainland China)  

Ph.D Topic: Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Energy Plies and Energy Pile Groups

  ZHANG Chao (Mainland China)  

M.Phil Topic: Energy piles

  Alireza Farivar (Iran)  

Ph. D Topic: Energy Pile Group in Clay

  Sherif Mohsen Mohamed Hassan GOMAA (Egypt)  

PhD Topic: Energy pile group

Soil-structure interaction group

Alaa Abuelgasim Abdallah ABURAS (Sudan)  

MSc Topic: Response of piled raft foundation on soft clay using numerical modelling

  CONTA Fanta (Gambia)  

M.Phil Topic: Geotechnical investigations for the design of Deep Foundations

LEUNG Chi On, Alex (Hong Kong)  

PhD Topic (part-time): Modelling of embankment constructed on structured anisotropic soft clay

ONE Eishi (Japan)  

MPhil Topic: Numerical analysis of tunnel model on soft rock under different thermal environment

  Muhammad SHAKEEL (Pakistan)  

Ph.D Topic: Centrifuge and numerical modeling of multi-propped deep excavation adjacent to pile group and piled raft foundation

  Junnan ZHANG, Jonny (Mainland China)  

MPhil  Topic: settlement reducing pile in road transition section

  Shengyi  LIN (Mainland China)  

Ph.D  Topic: Pile response due to deep excavation effects: centrifuge and numerical modelling

Yan Yan Annie WONG (Hong Kong)  

PhD Topic: Influence of intersection angle of crossing tunnels


Unsaturated Lateritic Soils Group

Seth Owusu TAWIAH (Ghana)  

M. Phil Research Topic: Hydro-mechanical behavior of unsaturated lateritic soils

Obed Takyi BENTIL (Ghana)  

M. Phil Research Topic: Effects of wetting-drying on shear stiffness of unsatuated laterite

  Akinniyi Bashir Damilola (Nigeria)  

Ph.D Topic: Fundamental properties of laterites and lateritic soils

Daniel PEPRAH-MANU  (Ghana)  

Ph. D Topic: Experimental study on the cyclic behavior of unsaturated lateritic soil at various suction and temperatures


Visiting students

Haytham Ahmed Ashour (Egypt)  

M.Phil Topic: Debris flow

  Huan WANG (Mainland China)  

Ph.D. Topic: Lateral loading behaviour of suction bucket and monopile foundation for offshore wind turbine

  Tomas KADLICEK (Czech)  

PhD Topic: Parameters identification of advanced constitutive models of soils

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  LAI Yongqing (Mainland)  

Ph.D Topic: Cyclic behaviour of monopile foundations for offshore wind turbines in clay

  Meng Jianan (Mainland)
  Yan Min (Mainland)
  Zhou Yuqi (Mainland)