The geotechnical centrifuge has a rotating arm of approximately 8 meters in diameter and is capable of creating an elevated gravity field 150 times that of the Earth’s gravity for static model tests. The maximum modeling capacity of the centrifuge is 400 g-ton. Geotechnical structures can be built in model boxes with maximum dimensions of 1.5 m x 1.5 m on plan and 1.0 m high. Construction processes such as excavation and piling can be closely simulated using a newly developed state-of-the-art 4-axis robotic manipulator. In addition, the centrifuge is equipped with a bi-axial (2-D) shaking table.

  • The heating and cooling system was developed to facilitate in-flight testing of model energy piles. The system is able to control the temperature in an energy pile between 3°C and 90°C. The temperature is controlled by circulating a heat-exchange fluid with varying temperature inside the model pile.
Qingyi MU (Mainland China)
Ph.D Topic: Experimental and theoretical investigations of freezing and thawing of soil
Raejee KAEWSONG (Thailand)
Ph.D Topic: Small strain behaviour of unsaturated loess
André ARCHER (South Africa)
Ph.D Topic: Centrifuge and numerical modelling of climate effects on high-speed railway embankments and slopes
Qing CHENG (Mainland China)
Ph.D Topic: Experimental investigation and constitutive modeling of 3D-SDSWCC of unsaturated loess
Damilola Bashir AKINNIYI (Nigeria)
Ph.D Topic: Fundamental properties of laterites and lateritic soils
Rafa TASNIM (Bangladesh)
Research Topic: Impact of climatic changes on vegetation and induced suction in soil slopes
Zac Pui San SO (Hong Kong)
M.Phil Topic: Effect of biofilm on gas permeability of soil
Duc Tung BUI (Vietnam)
M.Phil Topic: Laboratory investigation of rainfall-induced landslides in Hong Kong
Zijian WANG (Mainland China)
M.Phil Topic: Plant aging effects on root tensile strength, water uptake and vegetated slope stability
Mengyao XIE (Mainland China)
M.Phil Topic: Experimental study and numerical modeling of odor removal from landfill municipal waste
Jason Lim COO (Philippines)
Ph.D Topic: Study of water infiltration on a three-layer landfill cover system for humid conditions with consideration of nanomaterials
Junjun NI (Mainland China)
Ph.D Topic: Effect of planting spacing on the performance of newly-proposed three-layer landfill cover
Tsz Fung WONG , James (Hong Kong)
Ph.D Topic: Experimental study on potential applications of biochar in landfill final cover soil
Hongwei LIU (Mainland China)
Ph.D Topic: Theoretic modelling and experimental study of landfill cover: vegetation effects
Xunwen CHEN (Mainland China)
Ph.D Topic: The effects of biofactors on soil behaviour
Mingli HUANG (Mainland China)
Ph.D Topic: Temporal and spatial variability of plant root and its influence on unsaturated slope stability
Haowen GUO (Mainland China)
Ph.D Topic: Examine the effect of hydro-mechanical behaviour of the soil-root system on unsaturated slope stabilisation
Wui Lung TANG (Hong Kong)
M.Phil Research Topic: Synergetic effects of Biochar and sulphur oxidizing bacteria on hydrogen sulphide removal on landfill cover
Nilufar CHOWDHURY (Banglasdesh)
M.Phil Research Topic: Green slope engineering
Shuhua WANG
M.Phil Research Topic: Cyclic thermal effects on sand and clay with reference to energy piles
Vittoria CAPOBIANCO (Italy)
Ph.D. Topic (Visiting-student): The role of vegetation on slope stabilization